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Producer: CJ E&M,Mondo TV

Genres: Animation, Kids

People: CJ E&M, Mondo TV

Shows: Robot Trains 2

Companies: CJ E&M, Mondo TV Group

52 episodes – 11’

Whereas the first season deals with the growth of the five train heroes, the ROBOT TRAINS – Kay, Alf, Duck, Selly and Victor - from exciting adventures in Train World, the second season is set in the Rail World with the RAIL WATCH members – Kay, Victor, Alf, Genie and Maxie. The Rail World consists of 4 different regions:
Water Land, a very vibrant place where the water flows endlessly; Sunny Land, where everyone and every crops in the field can always enjoy the warm sunlight; Wind Land, the windiest place on Rail World; and Mountain Land, where the lava bubbles a few feet below the surface of the snowy mountain.

The four natural energies from the each region - Water, Light, Wind and Fire energy – are the forces that make the world go round, which circulate and interact with each other. In this Rail World, trains and Railers live together in harmony through the power of four natural energies, and also with the team work of the Rail Watch members protecting the Rail World.