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Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa

60 episodes – 45’

“Heidi, Bienvenida a casa” is based on an original idea by the legendary Argentinian writer and producer Marcela Citterio, whose vast portfolio of hits includes a number of international success stories such as Yo Soy Franky, Chica Vampiro and Patito Feo. The series reinterprets the worldwide well – known classic Johanna Spyri novel from 1880 with a modern touch and it is featured with comedy and music. We rediscover the story we all know about and the universal values that drove the success of Heidi classic — kindness and freedom. The charming and friendly girl who moves from her rural home to the unfamiliar and confusing environment of the big city has now a difference: Heidi’s daily life, friendships and adventures take place in the modern world. There’s no direct reference to modern places or events, however, allowing the series to retain a timeless feel. Instead the show focuses on the characters, their unusual traits — such as their quirky outfits – Heidi’s eccentric hats or Clara’s colourful pyjamas. What will it happen when Heidi discovers she has a great talent for singing? And what will come out in the frantic city life from Heidi’s friendship with Clara, a girl who is afraid to leave the house as she suffers from agoraphobia – her only connection to the world is through social media, but she is an extraordinary musician? Alongside with the original protagonists, who include Heidi’s grandfather, Pedro and Miss Rottermier, there will be as well as lovable, whacky new characters who invite us to share their thrilling and often crazy adventures.

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