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Director: Vadim Korobenko

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

47 x 15 min

A program about Ukrainian Armed Forces, modern weapons and military equipment. Professional servicemen talk about the nature of their job, demonstrate the skills needed to survive in different combat situations.

This is a program about the strength and power of Ukrainian weapons, about our traditions and skills of warfare in different conditions: in the sky, on land, in the sea. This is a certain analysis of what we had, what we have, and what we are striving for. The program also makes some studies on our units and divisions with a special focus on the present and the future from the position of modernization, which they have undergone since 2014, taking into account all the challenges and conditions of warfare. The author of the program is Vadim Korobenko, a combatant.

Some episodes: Bomb Disposal Technicians, Ukrainian Air Force, Reforming the Ukrainian Army, Territorial Defense, NATO Standards, Naval Forces, Tanks, Artillery.

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