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Producer: Kateryna Dmytrieva

Genres: Factual

Demographics: All audiences

12 x 11 min

Time2Know is a program about most remarkable inventions and discoveries of mankind.

Each episode briefly tells about four things from categories: food, medicine, materials and everyday life. For example, Corn Flakes, Post-it Notes, Vaccination and Thermoplastic Bakelite. It is Time To Know!

List of episodes: Chocolate Paste, Slinky, Vaseline, Modelling clay (Plasticine); Corn Flakes, Post-it Notes, Vaccination, Thermoplastic Bakelite; Fruit popsicles, Telephone, Microscope, Synthetic dye Mauveine; Stainless Steel, Matches, Botox, Tea Bags; Chocolate chip cookies, Garbage Bag, Pacemaker, Unbreakable Glass (Triplex); Grill, Dynamite, Anaesthesia, Cue Stick Tip; Sandwich, Jack, Antidepressants, Mackintosh; Coffee, Toothbrush, Rubber, Vulcanization, Zipper; Chewing Gum, Razor, Christmas Cards, Superglue; Waffle cone, Crossword Puzzle, Iodine, Cellophane; Champagne, Firework, Saccharin, Reinforced Concrete; Medical Gloves, Cart for shopping, Teflon, Hook and loop fasteners.

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