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Director: Yevhen Dotsenko

Producer: Denys Mikheiev, Kateryna Dmytrieva, Dmytro Martinyuk

Genres: Factual

Demographics: All audiences

26 x 7 min

We live in the era of consumption: each day new goods and materials replenish the market. We have had long-term relationships with some of these materials. In this edutainment program we have chosen 26 most used types of materials and propose you to plunge into history of each one, from the invention till the current status and impact on our life.

Materials should be for life, not against it, so each episode ends with information about proper recycling of the material. Get deeper knowledge of the goods around you!

Episodes: Plastic, Glass, Rubber, Mercury, Lead, Paper, Aluminum, Textiles, Ceramics, Vegetable oils, Cigarette filters (cotton wool), Steel, Paint and varnish materials, Concrete, Asphalt, Petroleum products (Oil products), Phosphorus, Ammonia, Sulphur, Graphite, Uranium, Antibiotics, Arsenic, Wood, Natural gas, Ethanol.

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