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Director: Stéphanie Misiak (S1),Marie-Caroline Villand (S1 & 2 & 3)
Producer: Millimages,Canal+,Piwi+,Teidees,Hayanori
Genres: Animation, Children’s, Comedy
Demographics: Preschool
People: Canal+, Hayanori, Marie-Caroline Villand (S1 & 2 & 3), Millimages, Piwi+, Stéphanie Misiak (S1), Teidees

156x3’3 + 9x7’ TV specials

Molang is an affectionate, humorous look at the relationship between an eccentric, joyful, and enthusiastic rabbit, and a shy, discreet, and emotional little chick.
The series explores Molang and Piu Piu’s everyday life with warmth and humor.

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