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Director: Kim Dong-Hee, Kim Ho-Sung, Kim Su-Hyun, Jeong Myung-Hoon

Producer: Kim In-Su

Executive Producer: Oh Dong-Woon

Writer: Yoon Hee-Young, Lee So-Jung, Jeong Yi-Rang, Kim Yuna

Cast: Kim Gu-ra, Kim Sook, Hwang Jae-sung, Heo An-na, Lee Yi-Kyung, Solar

Genres: Entertainment, Format

Demographics: 18-30, 18+, 30-50

80 min

Horror Stories are the Standard of All Stories

Strange but intriguing stories are always around us.

Mysterious and spooky stories grandmother used to tell us; Strange incidents at hotels and attics, Exorcism and stories about ghosts and devils… Believe it or not, they linger around us whenever we summon their stories!

'Midnight Horror Story' Invites you to the World of Sleepless Horror Nights!