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Director: Choi Haeng-ho, Lee Ji-hyun, Jung Da-hee

Producer: MBC

Executive Producer: MBC

Cast: Park Na-rae, Kian84, Henry

Genres: Entertainment, Format, Reality

Demographics: All audiences

80min x 404eps and more (on going)

The rise of the single-person households and peering into their trendy single lives!

The number of households occupied by just one person is increasing as a trend, and these living a single life have a range of reasons for living alone. The different celebrities of this program, too, are living alone apart from their family with various unique reasons, and the lives of these trendy casts are shown unfiltered to viewers in this show.

Filmed like a documentary through the hidden cameras, this show captures the real image of a single life, the secret and wise tips of household chores, and their philosophy of living alone.