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Director: Peter Foldy
Producer: Richard Switzer
Executive Producer: Fernando Szew
Writer: John Burd
Cast: Jen Lilley, Andrew Lawrence, Jonathan Bennett
Genres: Comedy
People: Andrew Lawrence, Fernando Szew, Jen Lilley, John Burd, Jonathan Bennett, Peter Foldy, Richard Switzer
Love On Repeat

90 minutes

Amber’s (Jen Lilley) life is less than ideal – she recently split from her “perfect” boyfriend Kevin (Jonathan Bennett), and her job leaves her uninspired. But when she starts re-living the same day over and over again, Amber realizes she is stuck in limbo. As she tries everything in her power to win Kevin back, she turns to her co-worker friend Charlie (Andrew Lawrence) for help and must finally decide what it will take to make her truly happy - Is it Kevin who may not be as perfect as he seemed or Charlie who was always there when she needed him?

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