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Director: Amyn Kaderalli
Producer: Jesse Ikerman
Executive Producer: Fernando Szew, Arnie Zipursky
Writer: Amyn Kaderalli
Cast: Julianna Guill, Corey Sevier, Cheryl Ladd
Genres: Drama
People: Amyn Kaderalli, Arnie Zipursky, Cheryl Ladd, Corey Sevier, Fernando Szew, Jesse Ikerman, Julianna Guill
Grounded For Christmas

90 minutes

When a winter storm hits and grounds all flights, the nearby hotels quickly fill up with stranded travelers. Nina (Julianna Guill), a pilot, reluctantly agrees to let her arrogant but charming co-pilot, Brady (Corey Sevier), stay at her nearby parents' home. When they discover her family is hosting a party that night and her ex will be there, Brady pretends to be her boyfriend to help her out. When the snowstorm continues, their ruse snowballs as Nina and Brady are stuck attending holiday events together. But as Christmas nears, these two opposites begin to realize the best gift they could ever receive is, perhaps, each other.

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