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Director: Damián Romay

Producer: Jacobo Rispa, Damián Romay

Writer: Jennifer Edwards, Kelly Peters, Amy Katherine Taylor

Cast: Kristina Cole, Andrew Biernat, Demi Castro, René Ashton

Genres: Drama

85 minutes

Natalie (Kristina Cole) is the owner of a handmade soap company that garners the attention of a major magazine. The magazine sends a reporter named Josh (Andrew Biernat) to profile Natalie’s company thinking it’s a family-run business. Little does he know that Natalie runs her business with the help of longtime family friends, Mary (René Ashton), Carlos (Demi Castro), and Lisa (Amie Dasher)!

Knowing how much the article will help Mary hang on to her struggling Christmas tree farm, Natalie must convince Josh that her “family” and Christmas traditions are all real. As Josh spends time around Natalie and her “family” to write his story, everyone struggles to keep up the façade of being a family-owned business.

Matters only get more complicated when Josh uncovers the truth—just as he and Natalie are falling for each other! Angry about being lied to, Josh plans to leave the farm but, after seeing that Natalie’s business really is a “family” effort, decides to stay to be with Natalie and her so-called family.