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Cast: Joy Lenz, Andrew Walker, Kate Isaac, Bethany Brown
Genres: Comedy
People: Andrew Walker, Bethany Brown, Joy Lenz, Kate Isaac
Bottled With Love

90 min

At yet another wedding, Abbey (Joy Lenz) shares her dating frustrations with her aunt who suggests she write a love letter spelling out her true heart’s desires, more for herself than anything. Against her nature, she pours out her soul and sticks the letter in a bottle, throwing it into the ocean. Months later, bottle forgotten, Abbey is paired with Nick (Andrew Walker), her boss’s prodigal son, to find a company to acquire before the growing Everson Valley Farms goes public. Their styles clash as a promotion is on the line for her, and Nick would rather be traveling the world than have anything to do with the family business. What neither of them know is that Nick found Abbey’s message in a bottle, and the two have been falling in love through their anonymous email and text exchanges.

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