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Director: Michael Feifer
Producer: Michael Feifer
Executive Producer: Fernando Szew,Michael Moran
Writer: Jed Seidel
Cast: Chelsea Ricketts,Michael Welch,Cara Santana,Shari Belafonte
Genres: Drama
People: Cara Santana, Chelsea Ricketts, Fernando Szew, Jed Seidel, Michael Feifer, Michael Moran, Michael Welch, Shari Belafonte
Agent of Deceit

90 min

Following a near-death experience when an attacker breaks into her home, Amanda (Chelsea Ricketts) still has the feeling that she’s in harm’s way. In comes the handsome and stern Detective James Dawson (Michael Welch) to save the day, and keep an especially close eye on Amanda. Taken by his generosity and commitment, Amanda begins to feel safer—unaware that she’s letting the real threat get closer.

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