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Director: Keisuke Kondo

Writer: Takeshi Miyamoto, Ayumi Shimo

Cast: Hokuto Yoshino, Shuntaro Yanagi, So Okuno, Shiori Akita, Keiko Enoue

Genres: Drama


“Tokyo Noodle Factory” appears peaceful at first glance. With their slogan, “fast, cheap and tasty,” they have many regulars and the shop is lively. But it’s been two months since the manager went on maternity leave. Valuable staff members have been poached and the remaining staff are in crisis.

Then the head of the part-time staff, Aoi (Shuntaro Yanagi), receives a call that a new manager is on his way. “At last,” they think and look forward to the big day, but Akamatsu (Hokuto Yoshino) arrives with the unusual background of a former hotelier.

“I’ve got a grasp on what’s happening,” Akamatsu says, but deals with customers in his “too polite” hotelier manner and gets nothing done, frustrating Aoi to no end. And part-timers, Kimoto (Keiko Egami), Midorigawa (So Okuno) and Momota (Shiori Akita), are given more responsibility to clean up the manager’s messes. But Akamatsu clings on to his management style and in a show of thick-headedness, he proposes a new menu item. He hand-draws his own poster and displays it, but... Aoi and the others continue to be tossed around by his antics. What will become of “Tokyo Noodle Factory”? Will peace return to this restaurant?

A shocking scene awaits the end of episode one.

As the episodes unfold, a certain secret harbored by the udon rangers - Akamatsu, Aoi, Midorikawa, Momota, and Kimoto - is revealed. In every episode, the ultimate food porn bowl of udon is introduced. We at “Tokyo Noodle Factory” await your arrival.