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Producer: Maverix Media

Genres: Documentary, Factual

6 x 42’

A fast-paced, character driven documentary series that takes you into the frozen wilderness of Alaska, giving you an intimate look at the lives and struggles of the most legendary sled dog racers in the world.

We follow the mushers' lives as they sacrifice everything for their beloved dogs, and deal with the realities of living off-grid. We see them compete in the toughest and most iconic wilderness adventure on the planet - the Iditarod.

The mushers also deal with health issues, addiction, family tragedies, and a global pandemic that's rapidly encroaching on their remote world.

You don’t have to be a sled dog fan to enjoy this series. We have cast the strongest characters in these strange communities, as we follow them in life and drama, as they prepare for races, build their dog teams, handle personal crises, encounter wild animals, and deal with tourists and sponsors.

We remain up close and personal as they struggle in solitude, competing in the toughest and most iconic wilderness adventures on the planet.