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Magnify Media


Magnify Media

Company overview

Founded in 2015, Magnify Media is led by CEO Andrea Jackson.

A specialist content distribution and rights management company, Magnify works with producers, rights owners and broadcasters to develop and exploit rights across platforms on a global basis. The company represents titles from leading rights owners such as CBC, Rare TV, NRK, YLE, Seventh Art Productions, Kite Entertainment and CNN International.

Boasting a highly curated portfolio of groundbreaking and premium programmes and formats across all genres, Magnify prides itself on dynamic content they love from people they like. Among their many notable successes include Fittest Family, Doctors Vs. Internet, Rescue Dog to Super Dog and Mental.

In 2020, global production company Plimsoll Productions fully acquired Magnify. With access to Plimsoll’s resources and infrastructure, the acquisition has allowed Magnify to continue to expand at rapid speed, doubling revenue and turnover in the last year.


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Andrea Jackson

Cecilia Ingebrigtsen

Becci Payne

Anne Roder-Botbol

Beatrice Rossmanith

Malgorzata Gudel