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Home > Screenings > LOOKSfilm > I Want My Country Back - The War Of The Afghan Women

Director: Mayte Carrasco, Marcel Mettelsiefen, Lucio Mollica

Producer: Christin Schutta, Lucio Mollica

Executive Producer: Gunnar Dedio

Writer: Mayte Carrasco, Marcel Mettelsiefen, Lucio Mollica

Genres: Documentary, Factual


Nobody has suffered the conflicts and the dramatic twists of power in Afghanistan over the past decades more than its women. They lost their homes and family members, were deprived of their most elementary rights and forced to choose between segregation and exile. But because of their resilience and courage, one can hardly define Afghan women as victims only.

Listening to their stories and voices - ranging from the first Minister of Women´s Rights to the daughter of the last communist president, from Miss Afghanistan 1972 to an author who lived as a boy during the Taliban time - it becomes clear that these women are rather the heroines of Afghan history. Possibly they are also the best resource for an end to a long era of darkness and violence, and for the country´s future.

While Afghanistan is standing at a crossroads once more, this film looks at the nation’s journey from a golden era in the 1960s through the hell of war to an uncertain future – through the eyes of the Afghan women.

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