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Director: Jan Peter, Frédéric Goupil

Producer: Regina Bouchehri

Executive Producer: Gunnar Dedio, Nicolas Steil, Serge Lalou

Writer: Jan Peter, Frédéric Goupil

Cast: Jan Krauter, Joel Basman, Roxane Duran, Michalina Olszańska, Solène Rigot, Natalia Witmer, Robinson Stévenin, Rebecka Hence, Gennaro Cannavaccioulo, Charlotte Merriam, Alexandre Nguyen, David Acton, Pyotr Skvortsov

Genres: Documentary, Drama


CLASH OF FUTURES tells a fateful chapter in the story of the emergence of the world as we know it today, using a unique transnational and multiple-perspective narrative style.

11 NOVEMBER 1918. The Great War is finally over. A new era is about to start. Amidst the grief, disappointment, old fears and new hatreds, new dreams and hopes are now emerging:

For the Mitfords the battle lines between communism and fascism run right through the children’s nursery. Unity and Jessica dream of escaping the strict – and restrictive – rules of the British nobility and of doing everything very differently and much better. What starts as a game becomes bitterly serious when Unity decides to travel through Germany as Hitler’s English groupie.

May Picqueray dreams of freedom. In 1920s Paris she discovers love and anarchy. Together with her friends, she is drawn into a fight for a fairer world and repeatedly demonstrates courage and above all great heart.
The young, German sailor Hans Beimler dreams of a world beyond class differences. For him a communist revolution is the only solution. He is vehemently opposed to democracy, but his primary focus is battling Nazism and fascism and so he risks his life in the Spanish Civil War.

Silvio Crespi, an Italian industrialist and politician, dreams of progress through technology. He believes that fascism will help to expand his commercial empire. But then comes the Great Crash of 1929 – and he loses everything.

Pola Negri dreams of fame and success. Having been a star of the silent movie era in Hollywood, her career starts to decline with the arrival of the “talkies” and so in the mid-30s this Polish actress returns to Germany where her acting career first blossomed.

CLASH OF FUTURES dives into the dramatic era of the 1920s and ‘30s. We meet extraordinary men and women from France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Sweden and Poland who are drawn into conflict by their convictions, and who - with their loves and decisions - bring the history of Europe in all its contradictions to life. From the very outset, the vision of a peaceful democratic Europe, built on the reconciliation of interests and mutual friendship came into competition with two different and extremely powerful utopias – fascism and communism. In this series, Pola, May, Hans, etc. fight the emotional battle between these three ideologies and the dreams of a better, fairer world that they offered.

Our protagonists recorded this battle in their diaries, in letters and telegrams, in newspaper articles and memoirs. We tell their stories in high-gloss drama with a renowned international cast.

The drama scenes are artfully and closely intervowen with original archive images from this time. So history is brought to television in a series format that makes it a vivid, emotional and truly gripping viewing experience and that continues the success of “14 Diaries In The Great War”.

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