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Lifestyle: Travel and Adventure 22


Theme Festival - Lifestyle: Travel & Adventure

About this Festival

There is still a huge appetite for viewers to be entertained with shows that take them all around the world. This Theme Festival collates the best on offer from international suppliers for buyers looking to build more adventurous schedules.

Programming Profile

Travel programming tackles real-world issues


Traditional travel programming was already facing a challenge to its sustainability and green credentials, so has the pandemic hastened a move to more domestic-based series and local crews? This Theme Festival article on travel programming finds out.


No genre of unscripted television was as badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as travel programming.


Even shiny-floor talent shows were able to continue in some form, without audiences and with protocols and distancing restrictions. But the idea of flying presenters and crews internationally between countries with different and ever-changing threat and restriction levels became a logistical nightmare, mired in expensive hotel isolation periods and production insurance problems.


The solution for producers of such content was to create more shows set at home. UK audiences have been presented with a lot of content looking at the holiday region of Devon and Cornwall, and a lot of comedians have been seen trundling around the countryside in VW campervans.