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Theme Festival - Lifestyle: Health & Wellbeing


Theme Festival - Lifestyle: Health & Wellbeing

About this Festival

We need to look after ourselves now more than ever. In this current climate there is a huge demand for health and wellbeing content, and buyers are building their programming catalogues to fit this audience requirement.

Programming Profile

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The pandemic has led to a rise in demand for and production of programmes that tackle issues surrounding health and wellbeing. Karolina Kaminska looks into the trend and highlights some of the new shows hitting the market.


The importance of keeping healthy and maintaining general wellbeing has been publicised a lot in recent years and there has been a wealth of programming about this subject on TV. These range from shows about dieting, like UK broadcaster Channel 4’s series You Are What You Eat, to the medical reality hit Embarrassing Bodies from the same network.


But at a time when the world is battling against a global pandemic, health and wellbeing has become all the more important and many of the shows people are watching, and producers are developing, reflect this. Mental health, too, is certainly a hot topic at the moment, both on- and off-screen, as awareness around the issue increases and it becomes less of a taboo subject.


Consequently, more and more programmes about mental health are getting commissioned, both by broadcasters like the BBC and streaming services such as Apple TV+. The latter recently launched The Me You Can’t See, a docuseries from Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey that focuses on the mental health issues of high-profile people like singer Lady Gaga and actor Glenn Close.