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Lifestyle: Food and Drink 22


Theme Festival - Lifestyle: Food & Drink

About this Festival

Food and drink remains a stalwart of successful schedules. We take a look at some of the most successful franchises that provide sustenance to viewers from around the world.

Programming Profile

Culinary commissioners look for new flavours to keep things fresh


Executives including Food Network’s Jane Latman discuss whether food programming is evolving to reflect the cost-of-living crisis and the continued growth of vegetarianism and veganism.


Food programming has never gone out of style and, if anything, has only soared in popularity in the past few years thanks to the Covid pandemic.


With lockdowns around the world prohibiting entire populations from leaving their homes during the dark days of 2020 and 2021, a new generation of home cooks was born – cooks who seemingly never tired of producing endless supplies of banana bread and sourdough starters.


But with the soaring cost of living and the rise of veganism, can food programming continue to tick along, or does it now need to reflect society at large? It’s likely that many viewers, struggling to pay their energy bills, can no longer face watching a multi-millionaire chef as they cook on a pristine beach on an exclusive Caribbean island.