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Theme Festival - Lifestyle: Food & Drink

About this Festival

Food and drink remains a stalwart of successful schedules. We take a look at some of the most successful franchises that provide sustenance to viewers from around the world.

Programming Profile

Grub’s up


Clive Whittingham examines the future of food programming in a post-Covid world, with challenges around travel and social distancing, and looks at some of the shows currently on the market for buyers.

Few genres of television have endured as much as food programming, or taken quite so many forms. Out of the standard, traditional ‘chop and chat’ instructional programmes with a TV chef have grown everything from glossy travelogues to Saturday morning talkshows, big-budget juggernaut competition formats like Masterchef or Bake Off and wrack ‘em and stack ‘em daytime staples like Come Dine With Me.


Jamie Oliver: Keep Cooking and Carry On

It has the potential to scratch two very particular audience itches during coronavirus lockdowns. People stuck at home wanting to improve their cooking and occupy their time can be helped on the way by a fast-turnaround commission like Jamie Oliver: Keep Cooking and Carry On, which was filmed on mobile phones from the chef’s own home and is now being distributed by Fremantle. And those wanting escapism can kick back with the more travel-themed end of the genre, such as Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen, which is being shopped by DCD Media Rights. Although how shows like the latter are filmed in the future with travel restrictions in play is a point for discussion.


Sarah Kwek is Asia sales manager at Australian distributor Fred Media, representing a catalogue that includes Foodie Adventures with Ash Pollard, three seasons of The Travelling Chef, three new food series from the Africa Channel (Africa on a Plate, May’s Kitchen and Minjiba Entertains) and 80 hours of content from specialist digital channel Tastemade, including Behind the Dish, Origins, Sourced and Just Jen.