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Theme Festival - Latin American Programming


Theme Festival - Latin American Programming

Company overview

Latin American programming has always got audiences gripped to the drama and suspense. This Theme Festival takes a look at the best of the best, drama and telenovelas Latin America has to offer, and also takes a look at how Latin American programming keeps building its reputation as a source of unscripted formats too.

Programming Profile

Latin ambitions


Streaming giants are zeroing in on Latin America while the region’s local players continue to step up their international ambitions in search of worldwide hits. Nico Franks reports.


If there’s one type of content that is synonymous with Latin America, it’s the telenovela. But to assume this genre of TV has stood still over the years would be a mistake, as the groundbreaking and Rose d’Or-winning Argentinian telenovela Pequeña Victoria (Victoria Small) – which stars multiple trans actresses – highlights.


The telenovela form continues to evolve and remains a bastion of Latin American cultural exports, drawing sales for Lat Am companies from broadcasters around the world while fending off stiff competition from a host of other countries and regions.


Moreover, the telenovela is now just one string in the bow of Latin American programme makers these days, particularly as the popularity of non-English-language content continues to grow internationally.