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Director: Alejandro Bazzano, Nicolas Acuña

Producer: María Roy, Consuelo Siva

Executive Producer: Jorge Redondo

Writer: Paco Mateo

Cast: Elena Rivera, Eduardo Noriega, Francesc Orella, Carlos Bardem, Enrique Arce, Ismael Martínez

Genres: Drama

Demographics: All audiences


Over eight fascinating episodes, the series will tell the 16th-century story of Inés (Elena Rivera). The audacious young woman from Extremadura embarks on a journey to South America to look for her husband Juan de Málaga (Carlos Serrano), who has joined Spain’s conquest of the New World. After learning of her husband’s death, Inés will discover the true love of her life, the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia (Eduardo Noriega).

Alongside her beloved Pedro de Valdivia, Inés travels to the distant and unexplored land of Chile. There, she will have to confront the Mapuche people, as well as the conquistadors’ avarice and insatiable thirst for gold.

Her life-changing journey evokes a time and space from historic 16th-century Plasencia to the colorful land of Peru, headed by the viceroy Pizzaro (Francesc Orella), through the wild jungles of Panama and the desolate beauty of the Atacama Desert, in Chile.