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Director: Jan Eelen

Producer: Peter Ceustermans, Hilde De Laere, Michiel De Laere

Executive Producer: Peter Ceustermans, Hilde De Laere, Michiel De Laere

Writer: Youri Boone, Jan Eelen

Cast: Stef Aerts, Bart Hollanders, Matteo Simoni, Rik Verheye

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+


Lagardère Studios Distribution

Three gigolos set up shop together as the Callboys. They form the go-to escort collective for women in search of courteous company. What the Callboys lack in wit, they make up for in testosterone, making things harder rather than simpler. They start to fancy themselves as businessmen. Once they decide to start selling their own personalised dildos, their fate is sealed.

In Season Two, as wounds heal slowly and the debt mountain shrinks, Jay’s brother Jeremy tries to find his own niche among the old hands. With renewed zest the boys pick themselves up, gaining more courage than wisdom in the process. Full of enthusiasm about their new start, they forget the blunders of the past.

Callboys took home the Rockie Award for Best Comedy Series: Non-English Language at BANFF 2017
Fipa d'or 2017 for best actors in a series
Int'l Emmy Awards 2018: nominated in the 'best comedy' category

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