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Director: Alain Chicoine

Producer: KOTV

Executive Producer: Louis Morissette, Louis-Philippe Drolet, Alain Chicoine

Writer: Ève Déziel, Louis Morissette

Cast: Véronique Cloutier

Genres: Entertainment, Format

22 x 60’

Every week, The Verdict invites two celebrities (e.g. singers, comedians, athletes, politicians) to discover, on air, the results of a survey that addresses how the public perceives them. A real reflection of the public’s opinion, the survey becomes a character in itself, pushing the limits of the traditional interview by confronting the guests with what the public thinks of them.

Straightforward questions allow all aspects of the guests’ careers to be discussed: successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses, fame, private life, future projects, and more. In the first two segments of the show, each guest gets the opportunity to address the results and speak to the public to justify certain choices or explain particular events.

The third, and final, segment of the show tackles a current event by examining, with an expert, poll results that focus on this theme.