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Director: Alain Chicoine, Francis Piquette, Yannick Savard

Producer: KOTV

Executive Producer: Louis Morissette, Louis-Philippe Drolet, Alain Chicoine

Writer: Caroline Allard, Robin Balzano, Yan Bilodeau, Valérie Caron, Antoine Desjardins-Cauchon, Daniel Gagnon, Marie-Élène Grégoire, Marie-Hélène Lebeau-Taschereau, Jean-François Léger, Emilie Ouellette, Alexandre Pelletier, Benoit Pelletier, Louis-Philippe Rivard

Cast: Jade Charbonneau, Shanti Corbeil-Gauvreau, Rose-Anne Déry, Irden Exantus, Sam-Éloi Girard, Matthieu Girard, André Kasper, Philippe Laprise, Diane Lavallée, Pierre-François Legendre, Sylvie Potvin, Catherine Trudeau, Rosalie Vaillancourt

Genres: Comedy, Format, Kids

101 X 30’

How to Survive my Family is a 30-minute comedy set in the world of 13-year-old Clovis and his family, who are united by love but separated by everything else. Through the eyes of Clovis - the youngest and the wisest - we meet the family members: on the first floor, his father Yves and his stepmother Vicky, and on the second floor his sisters Sophie and Alexandra. Clovis moves full steam ahead into teenage life. At home, each person is faced with an existential crisis specific to their age group. But their angsts don’t prevent them from being convinced that they have the moral authority to guide the youngest member of the tribe. To vent his frustrations, Clovis creates a YouTube channel where he teaches us how to survive our own families.

After 4 seasons of How to Survive my Family comes a 5th season, Clovis, an offshoot consisting of 12 episodes where we follow Clovis in his final year of high school.