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Director: Claude Desrosiers

Producer: Amalga

Executive Producer: André Dupuy

Writer: Serge Boucher

Cast: Céline Bonnier, James Hyndman, René Richard Cyr, Luc Guérin, Félix-Antoine Duval, Camille Felton, Schelby Jean-Baptiste, Irdens Exantus

Genres: Drama, Format

10 x 60’

Fragments is the story of a group of old friends, Paul-André Denis, François Bibeau, and Marlène Cormier, who, after more than thirty years of not seeing each other, meet up again in some rather unusual circumstances. Added to the mix is Renaud Dagenais, who finds himself connected to both Paul-André and Marlène. There was also Jacynthe Nadeau, who died too young and went on to become a sort of legend of the group that was known as the “Victoriaville Quartet”.

Fragments is a multi-layered and intimate chronicle of this group of friends who find themselves reunited after many years of silence. Little by little, the details of their lives are uncovered and we retrace the journeys of each of the protagonists, allowing us to understand the individuals they have become and the underlying circumstances that push them once again, to face crucial choices in their lives. At the moment of truth, life, desires, loving, and dying all take on new meaning and new dimensions.

This is a series that leads us to question traditional societal roles and consider a broad range of potential lifestyles, relationships, and ways of loving. Fragments puts the individual back into the heart of a community and reminds us of the importance of being there for each other.