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Director: Guillaume Sylvestre

Producer: Lustitia Productions

Executive Producer: Renée Claude Riendeau

Writer: Renée Claude Riendeau

Cast: Francis Bouillon, Various invitees

Genres: Documentary

28 x 60’

Each episode of Extreme Expedition takes the viewer on a perilous 48-hour expedition based on real-life survival situations. For instance, situations can involve a floatplane crashing, a person going missing during a hunting trip, someone falling while rock climbing, or the capsizing of a sea kayak. In each episode, the host and guest are accompanied in the field by specialists, who try to help them make the right choices for the places and environments they encounter.

As they attempt to survive with minimal equipment, their strengths are repeatedly put to the test and their weaknesses exposed. Only nature controls the plot twists. And when it comes to survival, nature has no mercy: it’s sink or swim.