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Director: Francis Piquette, Yannick Savard

Producer: KOTV

Executive Producer: Louis Morissette, Louis-Philippe Drolet, Alain Chicoine

Writer: Caroline Allard, Benoit Pelletier, Marie-Hélène Lebeau-Taschereau

Cast: Sam-Éloi Girard, Jade Charbonneau, Shanti Corbeil-Gauvreau, Rose-Anne Déry, Lévi Doré, André Kasper, Pierre-François Legendre, Antoine Marchand-Gagnon, Xavier Roberge, Sylvie Potvin, Rosalie Vaillancourt

Genres: Comedy, Format, Kids

12 x 30’

Throughout high school, we eagerly await one year: senior year! We’ll be the kings of high school. By then, we’ll know who we are, who we love and what we want. At least, we think we will...

Clovis starts his final year and doesn’t know how he’ll survive. Since Fanny has returned from China, her life has taken an unexpected turn. Still in a relationship with Gabrielle, our hero is at a loss. He would love a survival guide to help make sense of things. Since no such guide exists, he decides to create one by filming his school year. He will then be able to pass on the documentary to his younger brother Philou: How to survive senior year.

Over the course of this pivotal year, Clovis will learn how to survive his relationships, his senior class photo, his parents, parties that go awry, prom and, above all, himself. Clovis will end his long documentary for Philou with a statement addressed to his family. All these years, he wondered how he would survive his family but finally realizes that he survived THANKS to his family.

Clovis is a How to Survive my Family spin-off where we saw Clovis grow up, surrounded by his family and friends, over the course of 4 seasons, totaling 101 of 30 minutes episodes.