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KOCCA: Korea Creative Content Agency - TV Shows


KOCCA: Korea Creative Content Agency - TV Shows

Company overview

In the past 10 years, Korea Creative Content Agency has made broad, deep and diverse footsteps. From cartoons to webtoons, animations, characters, games, musical and fashion as well as dramas and k-pop that make people of the world alive, we strived to bring unique sentiment of our content at every corner of the globe.

We will continue to strive until Korea's creative content solidifies position in the global market.

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Company contact

Address: 35 Gyoyuk-gil
Naju-si, Jeollanam-do
Korea, South
Phone: +82-1566-1114
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Programming Profile

KOCCA goes back to the real thing at BCWW 2022


Jessie K.M Jeong, vice president and chief operating officer at South Korean cultural export agency KOCCA, looks ahead to the upcoming BCWW event in Seoul and explores trends in the production and distribution of K-content.


How will BCWW 2022 be different from previous editions of the event?
BCWW 2022, unlike its previous edition which was conducted as an online market in 2019 due to the spread of Covid-19, will be organised in an offline format in conjunction with online markets. This year’s event will be attended by 168 local and international content companies as well as 609 buyers from 31 countries.


On its 22nd anniversary, BCWW 2022 aims to provide sustainable and lucrative network and business opportunities for stakeholders involved in the broadcasting industry at both home and abroad under the theme ‘Play the New Content, Dive into the BCWW.’ The event will also feature conferences addressing current trends in the broadcasting industry, presentations on emerging content, IP pitching and various other programmes.


BCWW 2022 will be a foundation for exploring newly emerging content and more effective content businesses that could complement the limits and challenges of online markets.


After two years of Zoom meetings, how important will it be to have BCWW in the real world?
Broadcasting content markets not only serve as commercial platforms for purchasing or selling content but also as social platforms for interactive engagements and networking.