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Producer: Karen Smith

Genres: Format

People: Karen Smith

The Hit List

Keshet International

From the team behind Strictly Come Dancing, Pitch Battle and You’re Back in the Room comes this brand new compulsively play-along and sing-along game show, combining all the elements that define fun – music, laughs and good company!
Delivering a unique twist on a perfectly simple challenge, this feel-good show sees pairs of contestants competing to be the first to guess the name and artist of well-known songs from a diverse variety of genres and decades. Filmed in front of a studio audience, who are all on their feet, cheering, applauding and singing along, The Hit List has the lively atmosphere of a rock concert alongside the addictive entertainment of a fast-paced quiz.
The game features three action-packed rounds, and the teams dive straight in with the first quick-fire, ‘fingers on buzzers’ round. The first two teams to guess five songs correctly from a flurry of hits go through. The second round, a dramatic head-to-head knockout, delves deeper into musical categories. The clock is ticking as each team takes turns to identify the intros to songs on their selected playlist, and the first team to run out of time is eliminated.
With a grand prize at stake, the last team standing will have to identify 10 songs and their artists from a playlist of their choice. As the clock starts ticking their prize money gradually drops and they must reach their goal before it completely runs out. The longer they take – the less money they make!
Contestant couples vary in combination – whether they are parent and child, siblings, husband and wife, or friends. Each brings their own individual musical taste and knowledge, making every duo different in terms of their relationship and abilities. The hosts also bring an additional couples dynamic to the game – young and untraditional, their banter and jokes ensure every show is full of fun and laughter.
Featuring a wide variety of collaboration opportunities, from sponsored playlists to themed episodes, this vibrant format offers the ultimate family-friendly show, whether it’s a simple, low budget afternoon version or a big, glamorous primetime adaptation featuring a live house band and celebrities. A colourful and exciting shiny-floor format that’s easily adaptable to any time slot, version or budget, The Hit List is the entertaining musical treat that’s guaranteed to get everyone involved!

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