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Executive Producer: Elaine Hackett
Genres: Entertainment, Factual, Format
People: Elaine Hackett
The Great Gardening Challenge

Keshet International

The country’s best and most interesting garden designers battle it out to create the most unique and original public gardens in a 48-hour deadline and on a budget!
Prepare for an exciting and emotional prime-time competition in the least expected place of them all – the garden!
The Great Gardening Challenge has pairs of professional garden designers battling it out for the title of “The Best Gardeners” - whether they’re well known, award-winning designers, or the next generation of talent who’ll shape the gardens and public spaces for decades to come. What will triumph – experience or daring new ideas?
Over the course of six episodes, the teams will go head to head in a variety of challenges and be assigned an identical space, a limited budget and a 48-hour time limit – the game begins!
All of the gardens they design will belong to truly deserving causes, crying out for garden spaces. It could be a rehabilitation care home for war veterans, a center that supports the elderly and those with dementia or a community park that has been underfunded and under-loved.
The competitors have 48 hours to transform the once neglected spaces, turning them into awe-striking gardens for those who need them most. Toward the end of every episode, there is an emotional reveal where the transformed spaces are presented to the people who will be using them.
At the end of each episode, a pair of expert judges will visit the transformed gardens and award every team with points based on the judging criteria to determine who will be advance and ultimately be crowned "The Best Gardeners"!

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