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Director: S1 Leo McCrea; S2 Willy Yapp
Producer: Stephanie Fyfe, Nicky Waltham
Executive Producer: S1 Lisa Clark
Cast: Bob Mortimer & Paul Whitehouse
Genres: Entertainment, Factual Entertainment, Reality
People: Bob Mortimer & Paul Whitehouse, Nicky Waltham, S1 Leo McCrea; S2 Willy Yapp, S1 Lisa Clark, Stephanie Fyfe
Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Keshet International
S1 6x30'; S2 6x30

British comedy legends and real-life friends Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse form an unexpected and magnetic alliance in this entertaining cross-country fishing trip, journeying through some of the UK’s most breath-taking landscapes.
Across six episodes, follow award-winning comedian and experienced fisherman Paul Whitehouse, and his equally award-winning comedian friend and apprentice Bob Mortimer, as they fish together side-by-side.
Each episode delivers a unique look at the UK’s most stunning beauty spots as avid fisherman Paul plans two excursions, while Bob oversees their accommodation and menu. They’ll wade the majestic River Wye for barbel and fly-fish in glistening clear waters for trout. They’ll beach cast into the surf of the North Sea and commandeer a boat to fish the tide for marauding sea bass off the Needles. Meanwhile, Bob might book a castle, a picture-perfect thatched cottage or even a yurt for their overnight stay.
Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing is about the pair escaping the rat race, embracing life, living in the moment and recapturing their youth through Paul’s passion for fishing and Bob’s enthusiasm for learning. It’s also about drinking in the medicine that is the British countryside, for Bob and Paul have a more sinister thing in common than comedy – they both have dodgy hearts – and have undergone life-saving heart operations.
As they settle into each fishing location, what happens next is up to the fish. While they wait for a bite, Bob and Paul dissect their working-class childhoods, shared experiences of comedy, health and aging, and life’s big questions. But most of all, cameras will inevitably capture the pair in their natural state – trying to make each other laugh.
Uncovering the true value of friendship, Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing is not a competition, it’s about pressing the reset button, escaping to the great outdoors and wallowing in the bliss of the blistering quiet… And occasionally puncturing the peace with the kind of raucous laughter you get between mates – who also just happen to be two of the world’s best-loved comedy stars.

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