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Director: Shay Capon

Producer: Kuma Studios

Cast: Yehuda Levi, Rotem Sela, Lior Raz, Gal Malka

Genres: Drama


One woman longs to be a mother, but she can’t carry a pregnancy to full term. Another woman, in desperate financial need, is able to grant the gift of life on the other’s behalf. Their hopelessness unites them.

As it develops, the transaction is far from simple. The woman who dreamed of carrying her own child must let go. While her dream dies, the other woman relinquishes control over her body for nine months. That woman hasn’t yet been able to pursue her own dreams.

Complications only grow from there. Synchronizing both women's bodies is a matter of biology, but the psychological impact can’t be measured or controlled. The point at which their failures and dreams intersect ignites a spark - one capable of tearing both their worlds apart.

A Body That Works is a story about the intersections of relationships – those where love, jealousy, desire, and generosity mix and mingle. It’s an examination of a powerful bond between two women, one that neither of them ever wanted.

At its core, A Body That Works is a family drama centered around the journey to parenthood. It’s also a study of the power dynamics of classism, the clash between the haves and have-nots.

The central conflict is fueled by the complexities and contradictions surrounding the sacred duty of motherhood. It unravels the link between masculinity and fatherhood and the enormous amount of societal pressure placed on all parents. Society dictates that people, especially women, must have children in order to be successful. All women must become perfect mothers.

A Body That Works is an intimate, touching series with a witty, fast-paced rhythm. It’s a story steeped in love and imbued with a human touch.