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Cast: Yuna Taira, Katsunori Takahashi, Yuki Inoue

Genres: Drama

Demographics: All audiences


This is a super local comedy full of Miyazaki standards based on the legendary comic "Himawari: Kenichi Legend" written by Akiko Higashimura, a native of Miyazaki! Sadly, it's almost a non-fiction!

After graduating from art college, Akiko returns to her hometown of Miyazaki to work with her father, Kenichi, at a company called "Minami-Kyushu Telephone". Kenichi is a cheerful and happy man who is very popular at the company. However, he is an unpredictable man who gets angry and laughs all of a sudden. He also has a number of unique co-workers at the company, including Kurumi Ebihara, a former delinquent youth with a sharp tongue, and Deputy Chief Saruwatari, the most eccentric person in the company. Akiko pursues her dream of becoming a manga artist while being surrounded by Kenichi and unique people of Miyazaki.

Another pivot point in the story is the romance between Akiko and Kenichi Korogi.

Kenichi Korogi, also called "Kenichi No. 2", works at "Nangoku Green Service", a contractor of the company Akiko works for. Kenichi No. 2 has a deep love for plants and a nice face, but he is awkward when it comes to love. He tries to express his feelings for Akiko, but she doesn't even notice it. What will be the future of their love? And will Akiko's dream come true?

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