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Home > Screenings > Kansai TV > Don't Use Time Travel for Love

Director: Santa Yamagishi, Junta Yamaguchi

Producer: Hiroko Okamitsu, Yuna Shiraishi

Writer: Makoto Ueda

Cast: Riho Yoshioka, Eita Nagayama

Genres: Drama

30 min

Meg is a highly respected art director at an advertising agency. When it comes to love, however, she just can’t ever “cross the line” and often finds herself crying as she drinks alone saying, “I want to fall in love…” Meg suddenly meets Kakeru, a time patrolman from the future, and together they work to catch illegal time travelers. Illegal time travel is a serious crime that threatens to change history, but even so, Meg is moved by those who would cross time and space to “live in love” and will sometimes help bring the unlikely lovers together.
A romance eventually blooms between Meg and Kakeru, but it’s not so simple. Kakeru and Meg had actually already met and fallen in love once before when Meg was in college, but their love was forbidden. As per time patrol protocol, Meg’s memory of her time with Kakeru was erased. Though Meg’s memory was erased, Kakeru never forgot about her and has returned from the future to see her. Given a second chance at love, Meg resolves to finally make time for love.

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