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Director: Mikyung Park

Producer: Kang Contents

Executive Producer: Mikyung Park

Writer: Min-kyung Jung, Mikyung Park

Cast: Wjsn Dawon, April Yena, Greatguys Baek Gyeol, Greatguys Ui Yeon, Taesaja Kim Young-Min, Queen B'z Gu Seul-I

Genres: TV Movie

Demographics: Teen

Movie - 120min / Web-drama - 10min*13eps

Sua who had a natural talent in fashion design but gave up her dream due to her difficult family circumstances.

Sua meets unexpected luck at the fashion show helper alba. She got the attention from top model Ray by offering a decisive solution for the missing prop before the fashion show.

After getting Ray's attention, Sua got a job at K-School, which is called the world's best fashion school. Although it's a cleaning staff, she feels like a dream to be able to step into the fashion world.

While cleaning the lab, Sua discovers a discarded scrap of fabric and starts making clothes for fun. World-class designer and chief prof. Denis KANG, who witnessed Sua’s amazing talents for making clothes on the spot without a design, recommends Sua as a special auditor.

Despite strong opposition from K-School students, Sua gets success and friendship by proving her talents.