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Director: Zeynep Günay Tan
Executive Producer: D PRODUCTION
Writer: Coşkun Irmak
Cast: Erkan Petekkaya,Ayça Bingöl
Genres: Drama
People: AYCA BINGOL, Coşkun Irmak, D PRODUCTION, ERKAN PETEKKAYA, Zeynep Günay Tan
Shows: Time Goes By
Companies: Kanal D
Time Goes By


Can a shattered family be “whole” again? Year 1967… Oceangoing master, Ali Akarsu spends most of his time away from his family. While he is away, his wife Cemile takes care of their four children. She tries to cover up her husband’s deficiency. The story begins with the return of Ali from his voyage. The whole family is happy that Ali’s come back from his voyage, but they are unaware of the fact that this return will change their lives forever. This time there is a dark side of his return that no one knows about. He acts differently to everyone, especially Cemile. One day, Cemile finds a letter in Ali’s pocket which leads to many events that will turn the Akarsu family upside down, a letter that will reveal his secret love. After reading this letter, Cemile finds out that Ali has had an affair with a foreign woman named Caroline. From that moment on, nothing stays the same. Will Cemile forgive her husband? Will Ali choose to stay with Cemile or his secret lover? Will the children forgive Ali and accept this affair or make him leave the family?

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