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Director: Phil Brough

Producer: Matt Heath

Executive Producer: Matt Heath

Writer: Matt Heath, Phil Brough

Cast: Jacinda Ardern, Ian Brown, Gabe Newall, Anna Hall, Matt Heath, Phil Brough, Anika Moa

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children, Family

S1 10 X 5 minutes, S2 10 X 5 minutes and 9 minute special

Each season of Welcome to Cardboard City consists of two story-arcs spread over five episodes. All with cliff hanger endings.

Each instalment features action-based blockbuster comedy stories, slapstick hilarity and razor-sharp dialogue. In Cardboard City giant robots attack, aliens make unwelcome contact and radio-active slime turns everyday bungling heroes into bonafide super-powered superheroes. Imagine the characters from The Office and Parks and Recreation placed in the blockbuster worlds of Independence Day, Godzilla the MCU and Star Wars Universe.

Guest stars have included Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand) and Ian Brown (The Stone Roses). The series won Best Children’s Television Show at the New Zealand Television Awards 2019.

The series has aired on TVNZ in New Zealand (where it was a ratings winner) and the special has been bought by various networks across Europe including HBO Europe, NBC Universal, YLE and RTP.