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Director: Luc Vinciguerra

Producer: Olivier Sulpice

Executive Producer: Samuel Kaminka

Writer: Pascal Mirleau, Anthony Scott

Cast: Anais Delva, Kelly Marot, Emmanuel Garijo, Nathalie Homs, Maryne Bertieaux, Hervé Rey, Thomas Sagols

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children

The Sisters

Jetpack Distribution
104 X 11

Based on the comic book series The Sisters is a comedy series that follows the daily lives of Marie and Wendy, two sisters ages 7 and 13. Marie is still very much a child while her older sister Wendy is a budding teenager. Both of them have strong and radically different personalities. Marie has plenty of ideas to get her sister’s attention, while Wendy has only one desire: Living her “grownup” life! The two girls bicker constantly… because they love each other so much!

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