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Director: Antonio Linhares, Beto Gomez

Producer: Birdo Studiom Symbyosis Entertainment

Executive Producer: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet, Pedro Eboli, Naresh Kumar Oruganti, Subbarao NV, Sumedha Saraogi, Brenda Wooding

Writer: Pedro Eboli, Denis Nielsen, Gustavo Suzuki, Pedro M. Vieira, Guilherme Freitas, Janaina Tokitaka, Jasmin Tenucci, Mariana Tesch, Andrea Midori, Vitor Brandt, Thiago Faelli

Cast: Joel Vieira, Melissa Garcia, Ítalo Luiz, Vini Wolf, Mabel Cezar, Francisco Jr, Alfredo Rollo, Carol Valença, Denis, Glauco Marques, Hugo Picchi, Nestor Chiesse, Tatiana De Marca, Vagner Fagundes Fagundes, Pedro Eboli, Nelson Machado

Genres: Animation, Kids

52 X 11 minutes

Oswaldo was found at the beach when he was a tiny little face-melting adorable baby penguin. Adopted and raised by human parents, now he must face his biggest challenge – surviving school. Which is way harter than it sounds, especially when you are an excitable, flat out weird little guy whose brain is infused with useless pop-culture. And sometimes the simplest problems have the most bizarre outcomes.