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Director: Richard Bradley

Producer: Davy Kilpatrick, Ross Morrison

Executive Producer: Louise Bucknole, Louise Burgess, Kyle Jenkins, Martin Franks, Mellie Buse, Vanessa Chapman

Cast: Jasmine Kerr, Trev Neo, Linal Haft, Stella McCusker, Georgia Hill, Jo Donnelly, Oliver Clayton, Paity, Lucky Sanghera, Sean Fen, Rudy Gibson, Saraia Kaur Sangha, Annabelle Baker-Ogunjimi, Penelope Tumbridge, Daphne Cheung, Henri Reynolds, Josh Haberfield, Hanora Kamen

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Children


Mimi's World deals with real life emotions in a fresh, aspirational setting with a big sprinkling of magic. Mimi, takes care of a group of diverse kids in her top floor urban apartment. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of fascinating things she’s collected from her travels and has a great view over a gorgeous aspirational eco-city, offering little kids a window on a wider world, both literally and metaphorically.