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Director: Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria

Producer: Ferdiawan Gunarto (Monsta)

Executive Producer: Kee Yong Pin, Diani Fawzi

Writer: Nizam Abd Razak, Anas Abdul Aziz

Cast: Alexander Machado, Alex Teixeira, Katherine Clare Clavelo, Daniel Cortes, Christopher Leigh Jahn, Siti Salwa Samsudin, Christopher Leigh Jahn, Jason Michael Kesser, Sarah Bartels, Hernan Andrio Chavarro, Travis Roig

Genres: Comedy, Kids

Demographics: Children


Creator: Nizam Abd Razak
Showrunner: Anas Abdul Aziz

Mechamato follows the adventures of a kind and creative young boy named Amato who inadvertently becomes the master of MechaBot, a Power Sphera with the ability to mechanize any daily life object into high-tech devices. Together they can combine (‘Mechamato’) into the titular armored hero. With the help of his best friends, Mechamato is on a mission to defeat and capture bad robots before they cause more chaos in the city. The show features a diverse cast of characters who use their wits to solve problems and inspire young viewers to be creative and innovative.