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Producer: Winsing Animation, in collaboration with CraneKahn LLC

Executive Producer: Al Kahn, Anthony Gentile, John Gentile, Ben Gu

Writer: Lloyd Goldfine

Cast: Jeff Hylton, Tim Heller, Jopey Nasser, Anajali Kunapaneni, Mary Morgan, Marijke Morgan, Jay Meters, Dan Russell

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children


The Kung Fu Pork Choppers travel through space and time- and even to other dimensions- in their action-packed quest to right wrongs, keep the peace and defeat evil everywhere. Unless, of course, they make things even worse! If you are a lover of grand adventure, all-out action and side-splitting humour, then, to quote our porky, plucky leader... It's time to Kung the Fu.