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Director: Leno Miao, Mercedes Marro

Producer: HuaiNan Liao

Executive Producer: Xin Yu, Wei Dai, Pierre Nothman

Writer: Lim Wee San, Erin Xu. Matt Baker, David Baron, Lim Wee San

Cast: Charlotte Fawcett, Billy Jeffries, Richard Legott, Fay Hadley

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children

104 X 7

This delightful preschool series is set in the Magical Forest. Helping little lilies to grow or finding the magical elf, Emmy will solve it all with GooRoo and her friends! Gooroo takes care of her and their world is full of fabulous creatures such as animals and plants that can talk, dance and even cook. Every day brings a new adventure and exciting challenges. The series was the winner at the MIP Junior International Pitch and won first prize at the Kidscreen East Pitch-it event.