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Director: Sarah Ball (S1-S5), Michael G Stern (S6), Julie Philips (S6)

Producer: Jacqueline White (S1-S5), Jacqueline White (S6), Julie Phillips (S6)

Executive Producer: Sarah Ball (S1-S5), Michael G Stern (S6), Julie Philips (S6)

Writer: Sarah Ball, Ian Carney, Katie Fawkes

Cast: Jordan C Creed, Madigan Kacmar, Jacks Dean

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Preschool


Jetpack Distribution
120 X 10

Wilson, Koko and Brewster are young train engines, called Chuggers, learning to ride the rails through exciting adventures of teamwork, friendship and fun in the traintastic world of Chuggington!

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