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Director: Mark Drake

Producer: Sheila Risk, Danni Watts

Executive Producer: Iain Wimbush, Ben Jessop

Cast: Karim Zeroual, Camille Ucan

Genres: Documentary, Kids

People: Ben Jessop, Camille Ucan, Danni Watts, Iain Wimbush, Karim Zeroual, Mark Drake, Sheila Risk

450 minutes (15min each)

Each week focuses on one of two teams of kids (either boys or girls) in a different country, where they are staying with local hosts and fully immersed in the culture and a new native sport. They are given a week to master the sport before officially competing. Sports featured in the series include: the Mayan ball game of Pitz in Guatemala, Maasai games such as spear and rungu throwing in Kenya, Mongolian horse riding, lion dancing in Malaysia, sumo in Japan and capoeira in Brazil (and more!).