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Director: Atsuyuki Osaka

Producer: Keisuke Takahara

Cast: Tetsuya Nishimura, Naoki Shimomura, Yuji Hirowatari

Genres: Entertainment, Factual, Reality, Sports

Demographics: All audiences


Japan Program Catalog - BEAJ

YAMATOHO is a plan to walk all 2936.9km of Kyushu Nature Trail, which connects the mountains of Kyushu. The assumed period is 365 days. The challenger of this project has been auditioning for talents active in Fukuoka since the fall of 2018, and was announced just before the start. ”The intent of this project is to rediscover the beauty of the earth elements, such as the richness of nature in Kyushu and the lives of the people in Satoyama. And the two challengers grow up in an unexpected survival life, meeting and interacting with people ... the process is the highlight. This project is being implemented under the cooperation of the Ministry of the Environment Kyushu Regional Environment Office and supervision of the Kyushu Nature Trail Forum.

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