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Home > Screenings > Japan Program Catalog - BEAJ > Wa! Journey! - Wonderful Japanese Culture

Producer: Yo Sawada

Executive Producer: Tatsuya Moriyama

Cast: Anita Kapoor, Andy Kho

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

People: Andy Kho, Anita Kapoor, Tatsuya Moriyama, Yo Sawada

6 x 23’

In this program, we introduce Japanese culture in countryside and domestic cruise ships. Singaporean reporter, Anita Kapoor, and Malaysian photographer, Andy Kho experience the Japanese spirit of “Wa”. They visit cruise ports of call and surrounding areas to explore traditional culture, pop culture and a new culture born from a mix of traditions and modernity. We introduce the charm of Japan to the world and contribute to the development of tourism.

EP1 Yo-kai World, EP2 World-famous Silver Mine and Kagura, EP3 Traditional Scenery and Pop Culture, EP4 Kimono Project, EP5 Experience the Tradition in Ancient Capital, EP6 Special Edition & Cruise Trip